2022 Inspire and Innovate With STEM Webinars

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WRESA is excited to announce our annual STEM 2022 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE.  This year our conference’s theme is “Innovate and Inspire.”  Get excited and share your enthusiasm with your students.  It is time to look to the future!   We need to build, create, and invent!  STEM education opens the doorways to endless opportunities.  This year’s STEM conference is designed to spark your curiosity while inspiring you as an educational leader.  Join us for (15-20) outstanding STEM recorded webinars that will give our future students the knowledge of new novel tasks to be successful leaders.   

 Opening Keynote Speaker: Hunter Ward- “ Weather- The WARD WAY” – Hunter Ward, a former Buncombe County student will share his expertise of tracking and predicting the weather.  He will share his knowledge and strategies to encourage your students in becoming meteorologists.

 Closing Keynote Speaker: Dr. Graham Reynolds– “Remote Island Exploration and Discovering New Species Around the World” –Dr. Graham Reynolds is an Associate Professor of Biology and the Chancellor’s Scholar Faculty Advisor at UNC Asheville. Dr. Graham will discuss his work exploring uninhabited islands and his discovery of four new species of snakes.

Below is our recorded STEM Webinars:  Participants must view at least 6 out of the 21 webinars and submit a short summary of each video viewed to LaDonna Sluder at lsluder@wresa.org in order to receive .6CEU’s.  We encourage at least a paragraph per video viewed to receive full credit.  WRESA will only issue credit for 6 hours, but you can discuss with your direct supervisor about additional credit hours. Deadline for all summaries will be June 10, 2022.

               * Keynote:   Hunter Ward- Weather, The Ward Way”

                *Keynote:   Dr. Graham Reynolds – “Remote Island Exploration and Discovering New Species Around the World”