“Leader in Me” Luncheon


June 26, 2018

    12:15 – 3:30

Renaissance Hotel  – Asheville, NC

Cost: $50

Leader in Me Luncheon

Area “Leader in Me Schools”  will be showcased

Keynote Event Featuring:  Muriel Summers

Be inspired by Muriel Summers, principal of a national award-winning school, as she shares her secret to cultivating a culture of leadership and unlocking the untapped potential within every student in your school and community.  

Cultivating a Culture of Leadership: One Life-Story at a Time

At A.B. Combs Elementary in Raleigh, North Carolina, students and staff recognize and celebrate the unique and limitless potential in one another by creating a culture of leadership, based on the Leader in Me model and process.  Awarded National “Magnet School of America” in 2008 and again in 2015, Combs is the only school in the nation to receive this recognition twice.  Muriel explains how their school cultivates this leadership characteristic by discovering “the story” inside one another. She believes that within each of us is a story that inspires us to reach our full potential. These stories shape our thoughts, direct our course and when recognized and celebrated, can positively change our lives! As these story seeds of purpose and potential are first planted and shared, a culture of leadership is cultivated one student-leader at a time.

Keynote Event Featuring: NC Governor Roy Cooper



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