Using Paideia Dialogue to Nurture The Social And Emotional Wellbeing of Teachers Under Stress

Dates:    Oct 20 – Dec 8   
Type:     Online: 5 Virtual Live session dates
When:     After School on Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 17, Dec 1, and Dec 8

Cost:     WRESA Members: No Cost thanks to Dogwood Health Trust
          ***Note:  Not available to Non-Members

Limit:    24 Participants

Credit:        ***Note that you must attend all 5 virtual sessions to receive credit for this course   

We know that student social and emotional wellbeing is the key to learning. It is also the key to teacher health and productivity. This 10-week hybrid online course consists of five asynchronistic modules that you can do on your own schedule interspersed with five synchronous virtual seminars on four texts having to do with mental health and creativity. The virtual seminars will meet after school on Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 17,  Dec 1 and Dec 8. Our primary goal is to help you as an educator become aware of your own attitudes toward change and stress, while simultaneously building your skills as participants in candid dialogue. A secondary goal is to provide you with four model seminars that can be used with colleagues, as well as the facilitation skills to plan and lead those seminars. Perfect for educators who lead other educators in valuable work. Join us in learning how to alleviate your own stress during challenging times and share that wisdom with others. Participants limited to 24. If you have questions, email April Spencer at