A School Leader’s Guide to Reclaiming Purpose

Date/Time:Day #1    Oct 30, 2024 9:00am-3:00pm (In-person at WRESA) 
          Day #2    Nov 20, 2024 9:00-10:30am  (Virtual)    
          Day #3    Jan 14, 2025 9:00-10:30am  (Virtual) 
          Day #4    Feb 12, 2025 9:00-10:30am  (Virtual)
          Day #5    Mar  4, 2025 9:00-10:30am  (Virtual)

Type:     Hybrid  (Day #1 In-Person, Days #2-5 Virtual)

Location: WRESA  (for Day #1)  
          200 Ridgefield Ct, Suite 206
          Asheville, NC 28806

Fee:      $110 WRESA Members  (includes book)
          $135 Non-members    (includes book)

**NOTE: We have a No Refund policy for our WRESA courses. However, you
are welcome to send a colleague in your place. Contact LaDonna Sluder at
lsluder@wresa.org or 828-774-5681 (ext 102) if you need to change the 
name of the person attending.

CEUs:     20 Contact Hours (includes Reading Time)
Limit:    50 Participants
Audience: School leaders (principals, assistant principals, and instructional 
          coaches) who want to invest more of their time supporting and
          growing teachers but feel trapped in a cycle of responding to
          urgent tasks.
What to Bring: A charged device


Frederick Buskey, author of the book:  A School Leader’s Guide to Reclaiming Purpose will take the school leader on a journey through the book and will facilitate discussions on the following:

  •  Learn to structure their days around their priorities
  •  Discern between essential and non-essential tasks
  •  Build systems and habits that free up minutes each day to invest in people
  •  Use high-leverage practices to grow teachers in minutes
  •  Move from symptoms-based to problem-focused action

Even when you do slow down long enough to remember your purpose, it can be difficult to act on it. The book:  A School Leader’s Guide to Reclaiming Purpose was written to help busy leaders  reconnect with their passion and values. The guide is a roadmap through the six stages of escaping the gravitational pull of urgency. In each stage you will find a unique combination of common sense and wisdom, combined with concrete tools and strategies.

 About the Author/Leader:

Frederick Buskey was a K-12 teacher and administrator for 17 years. He is a National Board-Certified Teacher, former middle school and high school teacher and coach, and county office Special Education Coordinator. He has experience working in international schools and rural schools in Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina. At Western Carolina University and Clemson  University, Frederick led redesigns of principal licensure programs, which he also coordinated and taught in. Frederick has worked with over 100 principal-interns, affording him the opportunity to observe and learn from hundreds of school leaders. He has used his unique combination of personal experiences, the experiences of others, and understanding of the research to create simple and practical frameworks to turn complex challenges, like change and teacher support, into simple, actionable practices. In 2018 Frederick founded Strategic Leadership Consulting to focus full-time on serving school leaders.

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