2017 WRESA Differentiation Institute

Location:  Asheville Event Center, 291 Sweeten Creek Rd, Asheville, NC  28803

October 10, 2017                       Focus on AIG                                Cost:  $75

Presenter:  Sandra Page
Education Consultant and ASCD Faculty Member

Differentiating for gifted students doesn’t have to mean creating independent projects or complicated additions to lessons; it can also be simpler modifications to instructions and tasks that will challenge students appropriately. We will explore several possible strategies that align with the principles of differentiated instruction. Come prepared to modify an upcoming lesson for your classroom during this workshop.


October 24, 2017                       Focus on HS/MS                          Cost:  $75

Presenter:  Hilary Dack, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor/Middle Grades Education/Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education
Cato College of Education

This hands-on session will address best practices for differentiated instruction in middle and high school classrooms.  Specifically, we’ll analyze effective examples of teachers using particular strategies that respond to student readiness, interest, or learning profile, and we’ll consider how high quality curriculum and assessment must underlie those strategies.  We’ll also examine some approaches that are effective in contexts with one-to-one initiatives.


November 7, 2017                     Creating a Differentiated Experience for Students in Science and STEM                           Cost:  $50

Presenter:  Brian Maccarelli
K-12 Science Specialist
Buncombe County Schools

Presenter: Carla Billups
Elementary STEM Coach
Buncombe County Schools

With a focus on STEM thinking, problem-based learning, and inquiry, this workshop will expose teachers to strategies and techniques to successfully differentiate in the Science classroom. Differentiation strategies appropriate for AIG students, diverse learners, and EC students will be addressed. The workshop will include curriculum and lesson design considerations and how to modify activities and assessments. Time for teachers to create differentiation strategies for self-selected upcoming unit will be included in the session.


November 14, 2017                    Focus on Elementary                Cost: $75

Presenter:  Kristina Doubet, Ph.D.
Professor/Department of Middle, Secondary and Mathematics Education
James Madison University