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On any given day approximately 274,000 substitute teachers serve in this country’s classrooms. By the time a student graduates from high school, that person will have spent the equivalent of a full year being taught by a substitute. As a result, quality preparation of substitute teachers is critical for student learning.

WRESA would like to thank Henderson, Jackson and Macon Counties; Jan King, Director of School Learning and Leadership Development for Henderson County Schools; and Monica Shepherd, Northwest Regional Educational Facilitator, for sharing their time and resources with us.

Forms Needed to Apply to a School System:

Some of the forms that you will need to apply to a school system for employment as a substitute teacher are included in the course. The school system may have other forms which they require you to fill out as well.

Certificate of Completion:

Note that you must make 80% or above on each quiz, and must click “Mark as Complete”  after completing each section of the course.  Once you complete all of these Substitute 101 course requirements ,  it will indicate that you are “100% complete”.

When it shows that you are “100% complete, a new section will appear which allows you to print and download your certificate of completion. We recommend that you download the certificate as well as printing it to make sure you have a copy for possible future employment. You will need to provide this certificate to the school system where you are applying to be a substitute teacher. Your Blood Borne Pathogen and Diabetes training which you receive as part of your substitute training will be noted on your certificate.