Cultivating Conversation with Fragile Learners in 6 – 8 Mathematics through Routines

Date: February 18 ,2019



LOCATION: WCU Biltmore Park

Fee: $45

How might we nurture a community of fragile learners with a growth mindset towards learning mathematics, where making thinking visible is safe, even when students make a mistake? How might we ensure that all students in our care – including students with disabilities – know they have a voice to contribute to the mathematical conversation in a meaningful way and are brave enough to use their voice? In this session, we will consider how norms and routines can jump start discussions that encourage students to take risks and contribute to effective discussions. The presenter is: Jennifer Wilson. Jennifer enjoys learning alongside the Illustrative Mathematics community as a professional learning facilitator and writer. Jennifer thinks a lot about how we might slow down and savor learning math through questions, connections, and collaboration, and so she blogs at Easing the Hurry Syndrome ( and The Slow Math Movement ( For more information, contact April at