Differentiation is a great idea, but how do I implement in MY Math classroom? Grades 3-5

Grades 3-5 NCMAST (Leanne Daughtry and Dr. Jennifer Curtis)


Location: WRESA

Date: December 12, 2017

Promote a positive mathematics identity for each and every student through differentiation and a growth-mindset. Learn how to incorporate strategies for promoting a growth mindset and encouraging positive identities in your students, your colleagues, your parents, guardians and communities-at-large through problem solving, belief systems, and strategies for successful differentiation in the mathematics classroom and beyond.


Participants will implement research-based findings and strategies throughout this one day session, building upon previous knowledge and practices.

Session will focus on:

  • Problem-solving for all students
  • How teachers can assure there are entry-points for every student
  • What to do when students struggle with problems and mathematics in general
  • Strategies for working with parents
  • Sample activities to use immediately in the classroom
  • Promoting a growth mindset in the classroom, with colleagues, and parents/guardians
  • Assuring access, equity, and opportunities to learn through cultivation of positive mathematics identities