Literacy and STEM (part 3)

Date: March 25, 2021             *** Note: This date changed from the original date of October 2, 2020 ***

Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Location: TBD

Cost: $65

Audience: 3rd-12th grade teachers

During this session we continue to focus on how to maximize classroom time and student learning by integrating literacy and STEM.The day will be a combination of STEM learning experiences infused with literacy strategies.  The session will concentrate on lessons about cells, and structure to function. Fiction and nonfiction texts are utilized during the workshop. The literacy focus will also be on infographics and how to enhance student’s non-literary text comprehension. This workshop is recommended to be done in conjunction with Literacy and STEM(part 1) and MORE Literacy and STEM (part 2) but can also be taken as a stand alone workshop. This workshop is presented by The Science House of NCSU. If you have questions about the workshop, contact Michelle Benigno (828-206-3014 / If you have questions about registration, contact LaDonna Sluder at WRESA (  Contact hours: 5