Focus on Elementary Differentiation

November 14, 2017                    Focus on Elementary                Cost: $75

Presenter:  Kristina Doubet, Ph.D.
Professor/Department of Middle, Secondary and Mathematics Education
James Madison University

Differentiation Strategies to Engage and Equip All Learners
This active professional development session will feature road-tested strategies for helping teachers “upgrade” their differentiation practices in order to reach even more learners.  The session will feature new strategies for determining and responding to the wide range of learning needs present in today’s diverse classrooms.  Using strategies from the new book, Differentiation in the Elementary Grades: Strategies to Engage and Equip All Learners, participants will themselves engage in differentiation activities in order to better understand and be able to implement them.  Teachers will leave the session with ideas to use in their classrooms the next day and beyond. Included with the session is a copy of the book, which features a plethora of planning tools and content specific examples to help teachers plan for future differentiation.  Get ready for an active, engaging, and equipping day of learning!