Fraction Frenzy and Interesting Integers for 6th Grade

Grade: 6th

March 25, 2019

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Fee: $45

Location: WCU Biltmore Park


Sixth grades is one of many transitions – join us for this deep dive into two of the mathematical transitions we ask students to make. The 6th grade NCSCOS calls for the capstone of 3-5 fraction work coupled with the formal introduction to the left side of the number line. In this workshop we will present engaging and connected task and lesson structures concentrated on these two big ideas of 6th grade and include grade level focus time in a small group setting with one of the presenters. All materials used will be from open sources making for immediate implementation of task, strategies and learning! Stefanie Buckner and Leigha Jordan will be your session presenters. For more information, contact April at