Getting to Know NCEES



Monday, July 22, 2019

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Location: Goodwill Training Center, 1616 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28806

Cost: $45.00

Getting to Know NCEES

Presenter: Dr. Robert Sox, Educator Support Services, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

 This session will explore the North Carolina Education Evaluation System (NCEES) and the expectations of using this system effectively. By unpacking the language of the elements and descriptors to identify the structural underpinnings of the rubric, administrators will develop a deeper understanding of the performance expectations and process requirements.

Robert is currently serving as the Director of Educator Standards and Evaluation. In that role, he guides the implementation of policy for evaluation, and supports the development and alignment of standards for educator practice.

Cost of this workshop will also include a 90-minute webinar with Brian Propst, Assistant Personnel Director with Buncombe County Schools.  July 23, 2019 @1:00.  A link will be provided after registration.

Brian will share tips, tricks and shortcuts on the following top NCEES related questions—

*How do you know what evaluation plan type to put my educator on?   * How do you delete an observation?

*How do you change an educator’s plan type?                * What do you do when an observation disappears?

* What do you do when an educator disappears?                                         * How do you assign mentor rights?

* How do you assign Peer Observer rights?                                                   * How do you assign Evaluator’s rights?

* Why can’t my administrator finalize an observation?                              * How do you start the Summary Rating Form?

 Contact Candie Sellers with questions:  (828)-774-5681 ext.26              Contact Hours = 3

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