Interactive Read Aloud – Spread a Little Joy!

In the book: The Ramped -Up Read Aloud: What To Notice As You Turn The Page the author, Maria Walther says the following: Read Aloud = JOY !  I think we can all use a little JOY in our lives each and every day!  An interactive read-aloud is a literacy experience whereby children actively engage in listening and talking about the text throughout the read aloud. It’s actually okay for children to interrupt the reading to share ideas, especially when viewing an illustrated text or picture book!

After completing this one hour module, you will feel empowered to conduct interactive read alouds and spread a little JOY!

Candie Sellers will be your facilitator. To obtain your certification of participation, you will need to complete each section of this course. After completion of the course, follow the directions to obtain your personal certificate. For questions, please email