Number Sense Routines: Powerhouse Tools for Building Number Sense

DATE:  March 4, 2020

TIME:  9:00am-3:00pm


LOCATION: WCU at Biltmore Park

PRESENTER: Meredith Stanley

FEE: $110.00 



Number Sense Routines: Powerhouse Tools for Building Number Sense

In this workshop, Meredith will share ideas about how to boost your students’ number sense through a set of number sense routines. Intended for just 5-20 minutes of your day, number sense routines are fun and engaging ways for students to make sense of mathematics, practice communicating mathematical ideas, develop efficiency in computation, and engage in reasoning, justifying, and making mathematical connections. They are your best tools for helping students build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding, and your students will love them. Come learn how to easily incorporate number sense routines into your daily routine and see the results as your students strengthen their accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency. 

Meredith Stanley is an independent math coach and specialist for K-8. A former elementary classroom teacher and instructional coach for Buncombe County, she is a two-time finalist for the Presidential Award for Math and Science, a Buncombe County Teacher of the Year, a Buncombe County Math Teacher of the Year, and a National Board-certified teacher. She received her Masters in Mathematics Teaching from Mount Holyoke College. If you have questions contact Candie Sellers at or 828.774.5681, ext. 26.  Contact Hours: 5