Online Book Study: Practical Strategies for Elementary School Inclusion – Grades K-5 (By June Stride)

DATE: March 7 – May 9, 2018

Registration Fee: $45 (Participants will need to purchase the book)


Welcome to an online book study for Practical Strategies for Elementary School Inclusion by June Stride. During the elementary years a student must learn to become a productive member of the classroom and plus acquire basic knowledge and skills. This is a difficult assignment for any student, but especially problematic for students with disabilities. The author of this book helps inclusion teachers learn how to establish a learning environment that will have a positive impact on all students. Participants will be required to respond to reflective questions at the end of each chapter. Due to the choice of methodology for completing the course, we will not have discussion board forums. Instead if you have a resource to share or a comment to make, I ask that you make it in the news forum. If you have questions, please contact Candie Sellers at or 828.734.774.5681, ext. 26. Contact Hours: 20