Online Book Study: Thinking About Grading and Assessing in a New Way

March 4- April 12

Fee: $ 35.00

Grades: 3-12


Online:  In preparation for Rick Wormeli coming to Asheville on June 24, 2019, this online course will spark your thinking about grading and assessing.  Follow us with a six-week online course starting March 4- April 12.  This course is an overview of some of Rick Wormeli’s research and ideas about assessment and grading in the classroom.  Some of the topics will include: How to count homework, using zero in grading, averaging grades, what to do with redoes and retakes and how to give better feedback.  You will be reading articles and viewing videos and responding in writing to others in the course.  You will also be asked to think about how this could look in your classroom and share your experiences and accomplishments.  This course will be based on concepts from Mr. Wormeli’s book: Fair Isn’t Always Equal. There is no need to purchase the book.  This is worth 1 CEU.  If you have any questions, please contact April Spencer at or LaDonna Sluder at