Seven Habits Training 3 Days (Feb. 21, March 7, and April 16, 2018)

Seven Habits – 3-day training        

Date: February 21, March 7 and April 16, 2018

Time:  9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Registration Fee:  $150 (includes manual)

Location:  WRESA

Limited to 22 participants

Are you working in a school implementing 7 Habits or are you simply searching for direction as you develop goals and priorities for your school, classroom or even your personal life? If so, this 3-day workshop will get you ready to dive in! This workshop is designed for new hires and educators who want to define their top priorities in order to achieve the results they want.  The 7 Habits training will make you more effective in all areas of your life, professionally and personally. This workshop is limited to 22 participants. Your instructor is a certified 7 Habits trainer, April Spencer. For more information, contact April at  or 828.774.5681, ext. 20.  Contact Hours: 15