Student Led Conferences: Why are you not doing them?

Grades: K-5

Date: March 14, 2019

Registration Fee:  $45

Location:  WRESA 


For years’ parent teacher conferences have been the primary means of parent-teacher communication. We all know how traditional conference go–parents arrive and hear about their child’s progress or lack of. The conference often feels rushed, and parents leave feeling vaguely dissatisfied. It doesn’t have to be this way. This session will discuss the advantages of implementing Student-Led Conferences for teachers, students, and parents.  Students conducting Student-Led Conferences become more responsible for their own learning. Digital Portfolios will also be discussed and the most effective ways to use them in your classroom.  This session will help you learn how to start the process and fully implement successful Student-Led Conferences in your classroom. Session will be led by Candie Sellers, WRESA Elementary Coordinator. Please contact Candie Sellers, if you have questions at or 828.774.5681 ext.26. Contact Hours: 5