Sumdog Math Contest

Sumdog math contests start on Friday, May 11
Sumdog is a K-8 computer Math and ELA fluency program where students practice skills aligned to your Standards. We organize math contests for districts in Western Region RESA and would like to help your students get involved.
How do the contests work?
Students simply log onto Sumdog and answer math questions while playing Sumdog games. All the questions are adapted to the student, so everyone has an equal chance of winning. There is a maximum number of questions per student, and results are based on accuracy, so even if you can only get on the computers for a short period of time your class can still win! Questions will reflect what you teach in class as they are standard-aligned.
How does Sumdog know which questions to ask each student?
The students will do a diagnostic test when they first start using Sumdog. The contest starts once the diagnostic test is complete. We recommend students start practicing now so the questions have adapted for the contest.
Are there prizes?
The top 3 classes win a subscription to Sumdog’s premium teaching tools! There are also participation awards and certificates for top students.
Where can I find out more?
Find out more, incuding how to enter here: