The Power of X = Y: Teaching Rigorous Mathematical Ideas at Dollar Deals! Grades 8–12

Date:     Sept 26, 2024
Time:     9:00am-3:00pm   

Location: WRESA
          200 Ridgefield Ct, Suite 206 
          Asheville, NC 28806

Fee:      $ 90 WRESA Members
          $150 Non-Members

**NOTE: We have a No Refund policy for our WRESA courses. However, you
are welcome to send a colleague in your place. Contact LaDonna Sluder at or 828-774-5681 (ext 102)if you need to change the
name of the person attending.

Audience: All math teachers of Algebra, Statistics, Geometry and Calculus
Facilitators, and Instructional Coaches
CEUs:     5 Contact hours
What to Bring: Your own charged device

You can reach all learners! This workshop is taught by two professionals with extensive
classroom experience in both high school mathematics and special education. We will share,
through exploration of the X=Y linear equation how we develop the conceptual and structural
understanding of algebra for all students. What’s more, we will demonstrate how
these same activities develop and extend student understanding in Advanced Algebra, Statistics,
Geometry, and Calculus. Join us as we explore a “shopping progression” that starts at Dollar Deals
(1 item = 1 dollar) and extends into finding the equation of a line from two points.  We will have
time to plan and explore as well as to discuss critical vocabulary that organizes students’ thinking
and abilities with the critical properties of equality, and the language and power of units. Val
Faulkner and Austin James will be your facilitators for the day.

If you have further questions, contact April Spencer

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