The Science of Reading: 5 Part Online Series

Date:              September – December, 2021  (Fall Session)

Time:             Available At Your Convenience

Audience:     K-5

Cost:             $45 for WRESA Members

                      $65 for Non-Members

Credit:          5 Contact Hours

Each participant must submit a final summary after viewing all 5 webinars to receive 5 hours of credit for the course. Summaries should be sent to LaDonna Sluder at 

This course is designed as a follow up from the Introduction to the Science of Reading led by NCCAT Early Grades Literacy Specialist, Gin Hodge.  Participants will dig deeper into each of the five components of high quality reading instruction and will explore resources to support the explicit instruction of each component during face to face instruction as well as virtual instruction.  This self-paced, five hour course will dedicate a session to phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, oral language and vocabulary, and comprehension.  

Target audience: K-5 grades (Must View all 5 Sessions to Receive Credit) There will be a one hour webinar each month.  Each participant will submit a brief summary to receive full credit. There are no prerequisite requirements for this course.

Presenter: Cindy Hutchins Instructional Coach Buncombe County Schools.

Cindy taught fourth and second grade at W.W. Estes Elementary school for five years before becoming an Instructional Coach for Buncombe County Schools for the past five years. She is passionate about the Science of Reading and progress in the area of neuroscience related to how children learn to read.

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