Using STEM to Enhance Literacy – Ocracoke

Dates:    December 6, 2021 to December 10, 2021

Location: 2 Irvin Garrish Highway
          PO Box 1540
          Ocracoke, NC 27960

Cost:     Free if selected

The world of STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math—provides a rich environment that motivates children to want to learn more. Children often prefer reading about spiders and dinosaurs to fictional characters. STEM activities help students build vocabulary, incorporate problem-solving skills, and analyze complex text with real-world applications. Maximize classroom time by integrating literacy with the natural connections of STEM disciplines. Experience lessons that give students a desire to read, promote problem solving, and model strategies to cultivate reading comprehension. Join us as we make messes, break things, and create minds-on STEM learning environments. If you have questions about the workshop, contact Michelle Benigno (828-206-3014 /